Apengjiang National Wetland Park

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Apengjiang National Wetland Park

At 29°N in Qianjiang, there's a place called Apengjiang National Wetland Park. Altogether 2785.2 hectare is covered in Apengjiang Wetland Park, of which 61.3% is wetland, divided into two parts- 71% natural and 29% manual. Wetland, the name alone conjured a group of shallow water area join toghther, with birds flying above the water and reed swinging in the wind. Human and nature live in melody. Not just rivers, you can also experience a exploration of deep canyons, Karst caves, as well as undergrand rivers.

Water is the core of Apengjiang, the maior protection object of Apengjiang ecological conservation project, composed by Water Conservation Forest Protection Project, Wuling Mountain River Wetland Plant Germplasm Conservation Basement Project, Forest Wetland Landscape Project, Sponge Homeland Project, Multifunctional Terraced Fields.

There is a chance to see 240 kinds of wetland vascular plants there. About 139 kinds of vertebrates inhabitat there. People are attracted everyday even though Apengjiang is authorized as national wetland park only for more than one year, since August 2016, approving just how fantastic it is.


濕地——天然或人工形成的沼澤地等帶有靜止或流動水體的成片淺水區。濕地公園集原始峽江、溫泉、溶洞、間歇泉、天生橋、地下暗河、懸棺八大特色于一體,生態旅游開發價值十分具有潛力。 地植物種質資源保育基地工程、林下濕地景觀工程、海綿家園區工程、多功能梯田區。


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