Zhuoshui Ancient Town

  • Cultural Attractions


Tracing the history,we’ll have to look back to Tang Dynasty when it’s built up,while at Song Dynasty people pour in and extend it to meet greater needs.Then dock culture,business culture,nationality and folk culture last ever after till today.


Rivers and streams intersect with one another.Be careful not to sink into such attractive view.Long street and aged alley lies in one side of Wind and Rain Gallery Bridge,opposite to it stands Zhuoshui Flower Field,where all seasons are painted into multicolored.Several shallops haunt by riverside across the whole town,as if place yourself into Jiangnan(regions south of the Yangtze River).


Travel Guide


Coach: Any bus station downtown - Bus Station of South Qianjiang - Zhuoshui scheduled bus

長途汽車: 各地汽車站--黔江汽車南站--濯水班車到景點

Railway: Qianjiang Railway Station -- Zhuoshui Scenic Area Special Travel line

火車出行: 黔江火車站--濯水景區旅游專線

Depart schedule: morning - 9:00/11:00 afternoon - 14:00/16:00/18:00

發車時刻表: 上午9:00/11:00下午14:00/16:00/18:00每天五班車

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